. 8505 Boulevard Taschereau. Carp fishing guide. Photo: RCI/Marie-Claude Simard. google_ad_slot = "5393323457"; Sort: Recommended. Sponsored Results. xmlhttp.send(); GOPLEX e-Karting + Golf, Go Karts (514) 388-7779. if (window.XMLHttpRequest) This major waterway is home to a wide variety of fish and other aquatic life, and year-round it’s common to find shore fishers around the Island of Montreal. for (var i=0; i < document.form1.vote.length; i++) day on the water. Eco-friendly. { Photo; RCI/Marie-Claude Simard, By Marie-Claude Simard | Good for Kids. ” A walleye can live 6 or 7 years in the St. Lawrence near Montreal. Here you will find information like contact details, GPS coordinates, pictures and many more information on certain locations where you can fish. spots are just not active so we built our Hot Spots feature to show you where the fish are biting in the area of google_ad_width = 200; Whether you are with your family, friends, or with a group, our goal stays the same. Locally owned & operated. Now you'll know where catches are being recorded in the general area, and you can plan your http://freshwaterphil.com/fishing-guides.cfm, Scouting new fishing spots on Lac St Louis in Montreal. There..." Smoky Lake, "Wondering how the fishing is on razorback lake this year heading up there end of july..." Razorback Lake, "Got a place on East Horsehead. Photo: RCI/Marie-Claude Simard. Lac St Louis is the enlarged portion of the St Lawrence river that flows SouthWest of the Island of Montreal. That’s when the following crazy idea might emerge: what if I went fishing right here in the city, in the St. Lawrence River, under the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or in the Old Port? “When can I find some time to go fishing?”, might ask our hypothetical Montreal fisherman crammed in the commuter-filled subway thinking of his (or her) busy schedule, discouraged. "); else {// code for IE6, IE5 Species to fish around Montreal Majestic muskies, trophy walleyes, voracious Northern pike, and lunker bass are the main predatory sport fish species most often targeted by anglers fishing in Montreal. More info: B & L Sports, (514) 525-5354, www.blsports.net Fall fishing - cold water carp. All. All. All rights reserved. Freshwater sport fishing in Montreal, Quebec and Ontario. Price. } Montreal fishing guides Montreal fishing spots Fishing trips/outfitters Fishing gear for sale Got carp? All information, pictures and videos on this blog are copyrighted by Freshwaterphil.com. If you spot a river feeding into lake Ontario, chances are good there will be plenty of carp. Those of you who have fished “THE BUSH” with me will know, there is bugger all there to attract carp, other than the small matter of the 20 kg or so of bait I put in every day. There..." Smoky Lake "Wondering how the fishing is on razorback lake this year heading up there end of july..." Razorback Lake "Got a place on East Horsehead. Looking for new spots to fish or just looking for some helpful info on a certain dam. Montreal is an island in a majestic river after all. { Photo: RCI/Marie-Claude Simard, All rights reserved @ Radio Canada International 2018. MickeyKnox. We also recommend to prepare filets without the skin.”, We tested the spot in parc Dieppe. Early in the morning and at the end of the day, also on weekends, on the peninsula of Cité du Havre or other parks near water, many fishermen are casting their line in the St. Lawrence, eager to bring back home some food. Open Now. if (document.form1.vote[i].checked) So how do we separate myths from reality? And there was that sewage dumping a few years ago…. Read Fishing Reports "My family owned a lake house here for quite a bit of time. HookandBullet.com, a Montlake Media brand. According to the guide, the main fish found in the St. Lawrence River near Montreal – bass, walleye, pike, yellow perch, catfish – can be safely consumed, at a rate of 8 meals per month. Natural or un-natural feeding spots are magnets for carp. Denis Laliberté explains that the main source of mercury comes from atmospheric pollution. So you're interested in fishing Mud Lake. “These components love fat, he says. google_ad_width = 468; With the rain, it ends up in streams, rivers, and lakes. Recommend crawlers to reel in many bluegills, pumpkin seeds and rock bass. The highest frequency in the guide! Try tip-ups with light line or try jigging rapalas near the weed beds.Catching perch picked up for those..." Lake Gogebic, "Trout and smallmouth bass are throughout this lake, and you can find that the smallmouth are tricky to find and then tricky to catch. xmlhttp.open("GET","poll_vote.php?vote="+int,true); Not only they are healthy to eat, they are better in some cases than fish of the same species living in wilder areas of the province, far from urban pollution. Super..." Towanda Lake, "Most walleye are still being caught in waters 7 to 12 feet deep. Spanish lads Eduardo Aranda and Sergio Ibero were up on swim 8 fishing tiger nuts to various spots between the lillies and had 6 carp to 43lb, including 3 high 30's. /* SideSmallSq */ City kids are initiated to urban fishing through governmental programs. View Profile View Forum Posts Apprentice User Info Menu. xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); google_ad_slot = "6140404909"; However, the levels of the toxin are no higher in the fish in the metropolitan area waters than those in less urbanised areas. 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